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Free Online unit-converter Tools, Angle Unit Converter, Apparent Power Unit Converter, Area Unit Converter, Digital Byte Unit Converter, Electic Current Unit Converter, Energy Unit Converter, Frequency Unit Converter, Illuminance Unit Converter, Length Unit Converter, Mass Unit Converter, Free utility tools collection and very useful for basic needs. These tools are developed and maintained for public use for free. You are free to collaborate to add more tools to this platform.. Are you missing any needy tool? Please request below.

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Free online unit-converter tools 21
Angle Unit Converter
by Executed 504 times

Simple tool convert between angle units (deg, rad, grad, arcmin, arcsec)

converter degree radius angle unit-converter
Apparent Power Unit Converter
by Executed 233 times

Simple tool convert between apparent power units (VA, mVA, kVA, MVA, GVA)

converter apparent-power VA mva kva unit-converter
Area Unit Converter
by Executed 691 times

Simple tool convert between area units (mm2, cm2, m2, ha, km2, in2, ft2, ac, mi2)

converter milli-meter centi-meter area feet mile metre unit-converter
Digital Byte Unit Converter
by Executed 122 times

Simple tool convert between digital units (b, Kb, Mb, Gb, Tb, B, KB, MB, GB, TB)

converter byte bit digital kilo-bytes kilo-bits mega-bytes mega-bits terra-byte giga-byte unit-converter
Electic Current Unit Converter
by Executed 100 times

Simple tool convert between electric current units (A, mA, kA)

converter amphere electric current unit-converter
Energy Unit Converter
by Executed 134 times

Simple tool convert between energy units (Wh, mWh, kWh, MWh, GWh, J, kJ)

converter watt-hour watt joule energy unit-converter
Frequency Unit Converter
by Executed 333 times

Simple tool convert between frequency units (Hz, mHz, kHz, MHz, GHz, THz, rpm, deg/s, rad/s)

converter hertz milli-hertz frequency mega-hertz gita-hertz degree radius unit-converter
Illuminance Unit Converter
by Executed 94 times

Simple tool convert between illuminance units (lx, ft-cd)

converter illuminance unit-converter
Length Unit Converter
by Executed 101 times

Simple tool convert between length units (mm, cm, m, in, ft-us, ft, fathom, mi, nMi)

converter milli-meter centi-meter length feet mile metre unit-converter
Mass Unit Converter
by Executed 111 times

Simple tool convert between mass units (mcg, mg, g, kg, oz, lb, mt, t)

converter milli-gram gram kilo-gram mass oz lb unit-converter
Pace Unit Converter
by Executed 127 times

Simple tool convert between pace units (s/m, min/km, s/ft, min/km)

converter milli-meter centi-meter pace feet mile metre unit-converter
Parts-Per Unit Converter
by Executed 107 times

Simple tool convert between parts-per units (ppm, ppb, ppt, ppq)

converter parts-per unit-converter ppm ppb ppt ppq