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Free online real time forex charts tools, Time Unit Converter, Volume Flow Rate Unit Converter, Random Common English Words Generator, Pictionary Word Generator, Triple DES Encrypt / Decrypt, Free utility tools collection and very useful for basic needs. These tools are developed and maintained for public use for free. You are free to collaborate to add more tools to this platform.. Are you missing any needy tool? Please request below.

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Time Unit Converter
by Executed 23 times

Simple tool convert between time units (ns, mu, ms, s, min, h, d, week, month, year)

converter milli-second nano-second time second minute hour day week month year
Volume Flow Rate Unit Converter
by Executed 28 times

Simple tool convert between volume flow rate units (mm3/s, cm3/s, ml/s, cl/s, dl/s, l/s, l/min, l/h, kl/s, kl/min, kl/h, m3/s, m3/min, m3/h, km3/s, tsp/s, Tbs/s, in3/s, in3/min, in3/h, fl-oz/s, fl-oz/min, fl-oz/h, cup/s, pnt/s, pnt/min, pnt/h, qt/s, gal/s, gal/min, gal/h, ft3/s, ft3/min, ft3/h, yd3/s, yd3/min, yd3/h)

converter milli-meter centi-meter volume-flow-rate feet mile metre unit-converter year time hour second
Random Common English Words Generator
by Executed 94 times

Generates random english words.

game generator english random pictionary word time-pass
Pictionary Word Generator
by Executed 26 times

Generates random words for pictionary game play.

game generator pictionary random word time-pass
Triple DES Encrypt / Decrypt
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Simple tool to encrypt and decrypt using Triple DES.Triple DES applies DES three times to each block to increase the key size. The algorithm is believed to be secure in this form.

des triple-des cipher crypto cryptography security hash encrypt encryption decrypt decryption crypto cryptography security hashing generator hash-generator