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Free online popular social media apps tools, Free Paste Tool, Aspect Ratio Finder (Photos/Videos), RC4 Encrypt / Decrypt, Free utility tools collection and very useful for basic needs. These tools are developed and maintained for public use for free. You are free to collaborate to add more tools to this platform.. Are you missing any needy tool? Please request below.

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Free Paste Tool

Simple tool encode and decode Base64 strings

security encoding decoding base64
Aspect Ratio Finder (Photos/Videos)
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Simple tool to find out right aspect ratio for the given dimensions. Very much useful while creating pictures or movies.

aspect ratio aspect-ratio photos media image video movie
RC4 Encrypt / Decrypt
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Simple tool to encrypt and decrypt using RC4. RC4 is a widely-used stream cipher. It's used in popular protocols such as SSL and WEP. Although remarkable for its simplicity and speed, the algorithm's history doesn't inspire confidence in its security.

rc4 cipher crypto cryptography security hash encrypt encryption decrypt decryption crypto cryptography security hashing generator hash-generator