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Free online free web hosting php AND 1 = 2')) AND 4905=(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM SYSMASTER:SYSPAGHDR) AND (('nnrD' LIKE 'nnrD tools, JWT (JSON Web Token) Decoder, Currency Converter, Random Common English Words Generator, Writing - Markdown/LaTex Editor Viewer, PassCheck, CyberChef, Random String Generator, Crypto Address/Wallet Balance Checker, Aspect Ratio Finder (Photos/Videos), Color Scheme Generator, Free utility tools collection and very useful for basic needs. These tools are developed and maintained for public use for free. You are free to collaborate to add more tools to this platform.. Are you missing any needy tool? Please request below.

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JWT (JSON Web Token) Decoder
by Executed 0 times

Simple tool decode JWT Token

jwt decode json web token
Random Common English Words Generator
by Executed 728 times

Generates random english words.

game generator english random pictionary word time-pass
Writing - Markdown/LaTex Editor Viewer

Lightweight distraction-free text editor, in the browser (Markdown and LaTeX supported). No lag when writing.

writing markdown latex editor viewer javascript

A web application featuring some handy password tools, including a password generator, strength checker and HaveIBeenPwned breach checker.

password generator check password-check breach-check

Perform all manner of 'cyber' operations within a web browser such as AES, DES and Blowfish encryption and decryption, creating hexdumps, calculating hashes, and much more.

cyber chef cyberchef security hash encryption AES DES Blowfish binary hexdump compression decompression data checksum IPv6 X509 parsing character-encoding
Random String Generator
by Executed 1,152 times

Simple tool to generate random strings

random generator string password alphanumeric numeric alphabet
Crypto Address/Wallet Balance Checker
by Executed 527 times

Check crypto wallet balance online for any crypto currency address. It supports almost all crypto addresses like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Counterparty, Open Assets Protocol, Ripple and Ripple based IOUs, Omni, NXT and NXT AE, NEM, Bitshares with account names, Factom, Dash, PeerCoin, Blackcoin, Grantcoin, CapriCoin, Rubycoin, etc...

crypto encoding balance-checker crypto checker wallet balance Bitcoin Litecoin Dogecoin Ethereum Counterparty Open Assets Protocol Ripple Ripple based IOUs Omni NXT and NXT AE NEM Bitshares accoutn Factom Dash PeerCoin Blackcoin Grantcoin CapriCoin Rubycoin BTC LTC ETH DOGE DASH
Aspect Ratio Finder (Photos/Videos)
by Executed 3,856 times

Simple tool to find out right aspect ratio for the given dimensions. Very much useful while creating pictures or movies.

aspect ratio aspect-ratio photos media image video movie
Color Scheme Generator
by Executed 2,071 times

Generates various color scheme palete

color hexa code colour generator
Rabbit Encrypt / Decrypt
by Executed 4,236 times

Simple tool to encrypt and decrypt using Rabbit. Rabbit is a high-performance stream cipher and a finalist in the eSTREAM Portfolio. It is one of the four designs selected after a 3 1/2-year process where 22 designs were evaluated.

rabbit cipher crypto cryptography security hash encrypt encryption decrypt decryption crypto cryptography security hashing generator hash-generator
SHA1 Hash Generator
by Executed 1,731 times

Simple tool sha1 strings for the text content online. The SHA hash functions were designed by the National Security Agency (NSA). SHA-1 is the most established of the existing SHA hash functions, and it's used in a variety of security applications and protocols. Though, SHA-1's collision resistance has been weakening as new attacks are discovered or improved.

sha1 crypto cryptography security hash hashing generator hash-generator