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Free online dedicated server hosting free tools, Writing - Markdown/LaTex Editor Viewer, Free Paste Tool, Paste Code/Text Sharing, Turndown - HTML to Markdown Converter, CyberChef, PassCheck, Markdown Editor/Viewer, Random Common English Words Generator, Total Daily Energy Expenditure Calculator, Whois Lookup, Free utility tools collection and very useful for basic needs. These tools are developed and maintained for public use for free. You are free to collaborate to add more tools to this platform.. Are you missing any needy tool? Please request below.

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Writing - Markdown/LaTex Editor Viewer

Lightweight distraction-free text editor, in the browser (Markdown and LaTeX supported). No lag when writing.

writing markdown latex editor viewer javascript
Free Paste Tool

Simple tool encode and decode Base64 strings

security encoding decoding base64
Paste Code/Text Sharing

Share code, text, passwords safely with others with a sharable link. It also supports password-protection, encryption, private paste, auto expiry.

paste pastebin share code security text password
Turndown - HTML to Markdown Converter

HTML to Markdown converter written in JavaScript.

turndown html markdown converter

Perform all manner of 'cyber' operations within a web browser such as AES, DES and Blowfish encryption and decryption, creating hexdumps, calculating hashes, and much more.

cyber chef cyberchef security hash encryption AES DES Blowfish binary hexdump compression decompression data checksum IPv6 X509 parsing character-encoding

A web application featuring some handy password tools, including a password generator, strength checker and HaveIBeenPwned breach checker.

password generator check password-check breach-check
Markdown Editor/Viewer

Create and Edit markdown online at client side. Very useful to create README file and other markdown files.

markdown editor viewer file
Random Common English Words Generator
by Executed 94 times

Generates random english words.

game generator english random pictionary word time-pass
Total Daily Energy Expenditure Calculator
by Executed 3 times

Quick online Total Daily Energy Expenditure Calculator calculator. An estimation of how many calories you burn per day when exercise is taken into account.

fitness health calculate calorie calculator energy calorie-calculator
Whois Lookup
by Executed 1,361 times

Quick and simple whois lookup

whois domain lookup database
Electic Current Unit Converter
by Executed 22 times

Simple tool convert between electric current units (A, mA, kA)

converter amphere electric current unit-converter
Area Unit Converter
by Executed 28 times

Simple tool convert between area units (mm2, cm2, m2, ha, km2, in2, ft2, ac, mi2)

converter milli-meter centi-meter area feet mile metre unit-converter