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Free online 1 month weight loss tools, Ideal Body Weight Calculator, Time Unit Converter, Random Common English Words Generator, Random String Generator, Color Scheme Generator, Aspect Ratio Finder (Photos/Videos), Indian Language Transliterator, SHA1 Hash Generator, SSL Generator (Self Signed), Coin Flip, Free utility tools collection and very useful for basic needs. These tools are developed and maintained for public use for free. You are free to collaborate to add more tools to this platform.. Are you missing any needy tool? Please request below.

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Ideal Body Weight Calculator
by Executed 3 times

Quick online Ideal Body Weight Calculator.

fitness health calculate weight calculator female male weight-calculator
Time Unit Converter
by Executed 23 times

Simple tool convert between time units (ns, mu, ms, s, min, h, d, week, month, year)

converter milli-second nano-second time second minute hour day week month year
Random Common English Words Generator
by Executed 94 times

Generates random english words.

game generator english random pictionary word time-pass
Random String Generator
by Executed 183 times

Simple tool to generate random strings

random generator string password alphanumeric numeric alphabet
Color Scheme Generator
by Executed 114 times

Generates various color scheme palete

color hexa code colour generator
Aspect Ratio Finder (Photos/Videos)
by Executed 614 times

Simple tool to find out right aspect ratio for the given dimensions. Very much useful while creating pictures or movies.

aspect ratio aspect-ratio photos media image video movie
Indian Language Transliterator
by Executed 3,325 times

Simple online tool based on sanscript NPM package to transliterate between indian languages. (ahom, assamese, avestan, balinese, bengali, bhaisuki, brahmi, brahmi_tamil, burmese, chakma, cham, cyrillic, devanagari, dogra, gondi_gunjala, gondi_masaram, grantha, grantha_pandya, gujarati, gurmukhi, hk, iast, itrans, itrans_dravidian, javanese, kannada, khamti_shan, kharoshti, khmer, khom_thai, khudawadi, kolkata, lao, lao_pali, lepcha, limbu, mahajani, malayalam, manipuri, marchen, modi, mon, mro, multani, newa, ol_chiki, oriya, persian_old, phags_pa, ranjana, rejang, rohingya, sanskritOCR, shan, sharada, siddham, sinhala, slp1, sora_sompeng, sundanese, syloti_nagari, tagalog, tagbanwa, tai_laing, takri, tamil, tamil_extended, tamil_superscripted, telugu, thai, tibetan, tirhuta_maithili, urdu, vattelutu, velthuis, wancho, warang_citi, wx, zanbazar_square)

language transliterator transliterate translation india sanskrit ahom assamese avestan balinese bengali bhaisuki brahmi brahmi_tamil burmese chakma cham cyrillic devanagari dogra gondi_gunjala gondi_masaram grantha grantha_pandya gujarati gurmukhi hk iast itrans itrans_dravidian javanese kannada khamti_shan kharoshti khmer khom_thai khudawadi kolkata lao lao_pali lepcha limbu mahajani malayalam manipuri marchen modi mon mro multani newa ol_chiki oriya persian_old phags_pa ranjana rejang rohingya sanskritOCR shan sharada siddham sinhala slp1 sora_sompeng sundanese syloti_nagari tagalog tagbanwa tai_laing takri tamil tamil_extended tamil_superscripted telugu thai tibetan tirhuta_maithili urdu vattelutu velthuis wancho warang_citi wx zanbazar_square
SHA1 Hash Generator
by Executed 65 times

Simple tool sha1 strings for the text content online. The SHA hash functions were designed by the National Security Agency (NSA). SHA-1 is the most established of the existing SHA hash functions, and it's used in a variety of security applications and protocols. Though, SHA-1's collision resistance has been weakening as new attacks are discovered or improved.

sha1 crypto cryptography security hash hashing generator hash-generator
SSL Generator (Self Signed)
by Executed 311 times

Generate quickly self-signed SSL certificates online with one click.

security ssl self-signed certificate
Coin Flip
by Executed 44 times

Simple tool simulate coin flip and show the result

luck coin flip random
Find My IP
by Executed 43 times

Simple tool find your public IP

ip ip-address address my-ip find
Crypto Address/Wallet Balance Checker
by Executed 0 times

Check crypto wallet balance online for any crypto currency address. It supports almost all crypto addresses like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Counterparty, Open Assets Protocol, Ripple and Ripple based IOUs, Omni, NXT and NXT AE, NEM, Bitshares with account names, Factom, Dash, PeerCoin, Blackcoin, Grantcoin, CapriCoin, Rubycoin, etc...

crypto encoding balance-checker crypto checker wallet balance Bitcoin Litecoin Dogecoin Ethereum Counterparty Open Assets Protocol Ripple Ripple based IOUs Omni NXT and NXT AE NEM Bitshares accoutn Factom Dash PeerCoin Blackcoin Grantcoin CapriCoin Rubycoin BTC LTC ETH DOGE DASH