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Free utility tools collection and very useful for basic needs. These tools are developed and maintained for public use for free. You are free to collaborate to add more tools to this platform.. Are you missing any needy tool? Please request below.

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Perform all manner of 'cyber' operations within a web browser such as AES, DES and Blowfish encryption and decryption, creating hexdumps, calculating hashes, and much more.

cyber chef cyberchef security hash encryption AES DES Blowfish binary hexdump compression decompression data checksum IPv6 X509 parsing character-encoding
DES Encrypt / Decrypt
by Executed 16,190 times

Simple tool to encrypt and decrypt using DES. DES is a previously dominant algorithm for encryption, and was published as an official Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS). DES is now considered to be insecure due to the small key size.

des cipher crypto cryptography security hash encrypt encryption decrypt decryption crypto cryptography security hashing generator hash-generator
Daily Calorie Needs Calculator
by Executed 3 times

Quick online Daily Calorie Needs Calculator. Total daily caloric needs based on weight goal.

fitness health calculate calorie calculator energy workout calorie-calculator
Digital Byte Unit Converter
by Executed 113 times

Simple tool convert between digital units (b, Kb, Mb, Gb, Tb, B, KB, MB, GB, TB)

converter byte bit digital kilo-bytes kilo-bits mega-bytes mega-bits terra-byte giga-byte unit-converter
Electic Current Unit Converter
by Executed 90 times

Simple tool convert between electric current units (A, mA, kA)

converter amphere electric current unit-converter
Energy Unit Converter
by Executed 121 times

Simple tool convert between energy units (Wh, mWh, kWh, MWh, GWh, J, kJ)

converter watt-hour watt joule energy unit-converter
Find My IP
by Executed 225 times

Simple tool find your public IP

ip ip-address address my-ip find
Frequency Unit Converter
by Executed 309 times

Simple tool convert between frequency units (Hz, mHz, kHz, MHz, GHz, THz, rpm, deg/s, rad/s)

converter hertz milli-hertz frequency mega-hertz gita-hertz degree radius unit-converter
HMAC (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512) Hash Generator
by Executed 3,765 times

Simple tool hmac (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512)strings for the text content online. Keyed-hash message authentication codes (HMAC) is a mechanism for message authentication using cryptographic hash functions. HMAC can be used in combination with any iterated cryptographic hash function.

hmac crypto cryptography security md5 sha1 sha256 sha512 hash hashing generator hash-generator
by Executed 1,163 times

Simple tool parse URL and extract various parts of the URL

parser http url https
Ideal Body Weight Calculator
by Executed 4 times

Quick online Ideal Body Weight Calculator.

fitness health calculate weight calculator female male weight-calculator
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